Short Stories

“Grave Doubts: A Mystery & Magic Short Story” ( now available as a Kindle single) Originally in The Ghostbreakers: New Horrors anthology from Rage Machine, 2003, newly revised and expanded edition.
It’s 846 Anno Domini and Francia is being terrorized by Vikings and their heathen magic. Something is killing cows, removing the flesh, and etching the skeletons with runes. Has this evil been unleashed by a pair of Viking corpses and rune stones discovered in fresh graves? An ex-knight newly turned priest is forced to partner with a stubborn Frankish peasant to solve the riddle of the runes and battle Viking magic. Will they be able to save the village and its cows? My historical sources

“Show Stopper” in Mystery Writers of America Presents Ice Cold: Tales of Intrigue from the Cold War, ed. Jeffery Deaver and Raymond Benson, Grand Central Publishing (April 2014).
The Cold War, the Soviet Exhibition of Science, Technology, and Culture at
the New York Coliseum in 1959, and “killer” Soviet fashion.
2015 Thriller Award Nominee for best short story
More about the writing and research

“Purse Strings” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (April 2014).
Kidnapping and corruption, knights in rusty armor, dusty summer streets, and Sir Thibaut the cripple in service to Basilia, a lovely Jewish moneylender.
Read about the setting and research

“Rides with Strangers” in Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales: Volume 3 (forthcoming).
A creepy story of wilderness hitchhiking. Read more about it

“Wampum” in Adirondack Mysteries and other Mountain Tales: Volume 2 (North Country Books 2012).
A Native American historical thriller short story and sequel to “Warpath.”
My historical sources

“Forgotten Man” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, April 2011.
Set in NYC’s Bowery during the Great Depression. An excerpt.
Read about the historical research.

“Warpath” in Adirondack Mysteries: And Other Mountain Tales from North Country Books, October 2009.
Adultery and murder in the Adirondacks among the 17th century Mohawk Indians.
My historical sources

“Maddie in the Middle” in Medium of Murder from Red Coyote Press, 2008.
Prohibition, West Virginia. Two sisters and a problem.

“Solomon’s Wedding” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (Jan/Feb 2007).
One man, two women in 1950s any town USA.

“One for the Road” in  Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (Jan/Feb 2006).
Prohibition Detroit. A gun moll runs afoul of bootleggers over her purse.

“The Maidservant’s Letter” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (Jan/Feb 2004).  Paris, 1742. Vincent de l’Amour, professional letter-writer, and Radnor, royal police officer team up.
My historical sources

“Grave Doubts” in The Ghostbreakers: New Horrors anthology from Rage Machine, 2003.