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New medieval mystery short story: “For All His Worth”

I’m delighted to announce a second installment to Thibaut the broken knight and former tournament champion series is now available in the Jan/Feb 2023 issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, . This story, like its predecessor, features medieval crime, knights … Continue reading

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The Powerful Magic of a Simple Notebook

For the past few years, my writing process has become increasingly digital. I like technology and use software for just about every aspect of writing–from collecting ideas to researching to writing. But I have a notebook. It’s physical, not digital. … Continue reading

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How I spent the pandemic: MA in Crime Fiction Writing at University of East Anglia

I am not the kind of writer who gets to a certain point in their development and decides that they’ve learned enough, that they’re good enough. I enjoy studying the craft of writing and continuing to improve as a writer. … Continue reading

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