My first book signing

October 31, 2009
Barnes & Noble, New Hartford, NY

My first ever book signing. Or should I say short story signing? Whatever.  I can’t tell you how apprehensive I was. But my fellow anthologists of Adirondack Mysteries: And Other Mountain Tales made it gobs of fun.  (Seriously, I’m not just being polite. Although this was the first time I’d met any of them in person, they are great. Luv those guys and gals!)

Posters in the store directed customers to the signing table and loudspeaker announcements were made at intervals! And it worked. Tons of friends, family, and casual browsers stopping by our table made it a wildly successful day.

Because it was Halloween we were in costume.  Kind of.  Well, I am. Everyone else–Dennis Webster, who’s the editor as well as a contributor, Paul Nandzik, Cheryl Ann Costa, and W.K. Pomeroy– is wearing a hat as a costume. Since my short story “Warpath” took place roughly during the time period of the Pilgrims, I’m dressed as one, although there are no Pilgrims or even any white people for that matter in my story.   I would have preferred to be dressed as a Mohawk brave, or which there are many in my story, but it just wasn’t meant to be.


Left to right: me, W.K. Pomeroy, Paul Nandzik, Dennis Webster, Cheryl Ann Costa

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