My first author reading

July 13, 2010
Old Forge Public Library, New York

My first ever reading! Although I’m used to public speaking, I actually even like public speaking, a reading is an entirely different beast. I was terrified. Let me say that again TERRIFIED!

No need to fear!

First of all the Old Forge Public Library–best ever! The director is amazing. Not only does she run a tight, well run, popular library with free wifi, she also promotes all kinds of literary events and groups, such as a Tuesday evening author reading series, partly funded by a small grant from the New York Council of the Arts.

Second, I’ve said it before, I’m saying it again. I love my fellow anthologists. They made the evening so great. And my gosh they’re talented writers, all of them. I’m honored to be in such company, and I genuinely enjoy their company. Unfortunately, Cheryl Ann Costa wasn’t able to make it, but I met John H. Briant, an honest to goodness local Adirondacks celebrity, for the first time.  It was Paul Nandzik, W.K. Pomeroy, and Dennis Webster, editor as well as contributor.

We read for five minutes each, and it was a great mix of comedy, suspense, and drama. Then we took questions. Did I mention the room was packed?

Third, the audience.  Wow! There was standing room only. All ages, including two boys in the front row. Afterwards, great questions, knowledgeable questions about the craft of writing. Luved it.

Then were as a book signing! Yay! And lastly we signed the library’s copy of Adirondack Mysteries: And Other Mountain Tales.  Yay!

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  1. It was a great time, Gigi!

    I look forward to attending more events with you and the rest of the crew!

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