Odyssey Writing Workshop Online Classes

People sometimes ask me for writing workshop recommendations.

I’ve learned that you will evolve as a writer. Early on, you might not be ready as a writer to hear criticism of your work; you might not be able to learn certain things yet. You’ll need different things as you evolve. And always,  the more you know about writing, the more you’re able to absorb from workshops.

And not all workshops are created equal.

Online workshops are no different than in-person ones, but I can recommend without reservation Odyssey Writing Workshop’s Online Classes.

I’ve taken quite a few:

The Heart of the Matter: Bringing Emotional Resonance to Your Storytelling with Barbara Ashford

Showing vs Telling in Fantastic Fiction” with Jeanne Cavelos

Three Act Structure in Fantastic Fiction” with Jeanne Cavelos

Point of View: The Intersection of Character and Plot with David Coe

Powerful Dialogue in Fantastic Fiction with Jeanne Cavelos

All were great, and I learned a lot.

Odyssey Online Classes are six weeks long, held in in January and March every year. They’re intense with lots of work, as if you were taking a college class. They have quite a bit of required homework, exercises and reading, so you’ll need to minimize other personal commitments during the six weeks. They use GoToMeeting (interactive video conference software) for class meetings and and online groups from critiquing.

If you’re looking for a good workshop, think about applying. Applications are typically accepted in November and December. Mark your calendar now.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be classmates?

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