“Grave Doubts” now available as an ebook

It’s 843 Anno Domini and Francia is being terrorized by Vikings and their heathen magic. Something is killing cows, removing the flesh, and etching the skeletons with runes. Has this evil been unleashed by a pair of Viking corpses and rune stones discovered in fresh graves? An ex-knight newly turned priest is forced to partner with a stubborn Frankish peasant to solve the riddle of the runes and battle Viking magic. Will they be able to save the village and its cows?

“Grave Doubts” was my first publication, appearing in the now out of print The Ghostbreakers: New Horrors anthology from Rage Machine, 2003.

It’s well researched as all my historical fiction is.  Here’s a few of the sources I found most helpful: My historical sources

The Kindle Single is a newly revised and expanded edition.

Hope you enjoy it!

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